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7 Innovative Tips to keep your Feet Healthy

If you have Pre-diabetes, Part 2 diabetes or Insulin Resistance with Hypertension, you might already be familiar with 7 Innovative Tips to keep your Feet Healthya condition called Peripheral Neuropathy. Almost 60%- 70% patients with their diabetic condition get Peripheral Neuropathy where they feel a tingling sensation in their feet or hands. This is a chronic pain that persists over time, and sometimes it may aggravate to a stabbing feeling that can be very hard to live with. This condition is also accompanied by a growing numbness which happens due to the damage of the nerve tissues. This causes diabetic neuropathy and it calls for medical attention because it can permanently damage your feet, thereby crippling you in the process. But don’t worry, this program will help you.

You might think that a little numbness might not be bad after all, but the loss of sensation in your feet can make you unaware of any sores or cuts in your feet. Therefore you might not be able to take care of your wounds straight away, thus making an infection highly possible. Also, diabetes causes peripheral vascular disease, where the blood flow in the body is affected. If you are wounded, your blood will take an unusual time to reach your feet, and this will make the healing process really slow. Your feet are definitely in danger because of your medical condition, and it is extremely important to start following precautions.

Now, if you go to your doctors and ask for advice, the higher chance is that they will probably give you a pill to deal with the pain but will say that your condition has no cure. They will tell you to just deal with your situation. This news might actually sound very disappointing to you, and there are patients who have spiralled deep into depression because they thought nothing could help them. If you are one of them, then listen very closely to this statement: those doctors are wrong. Of course, this does not mean that the medical professionals do not know what they are doing; your doctors are experts after all. But most of these doctors follow a certain mode of thought which aligns their treatment with allopathy alone.

doctor taking moneyThe simple fact is that your doctors will believe the pharmaceutical reps, and the big pharma companies want to earn more money by discrediting other natural therapies and treatments. If they allow people to use other alternative methods for cure, not many patients will buy their expensive medicines, and the big pharma companies will start losing customers.

Doctors will not tell you the different types of feet problems that you could encounter because of your diabetic or pre-diabetic condition. Did you know that due to diabetes, your feet can develop Athlete’s foot, where a certain fungus can cause extreme itching, cracking and redness? It also encourages germ infestation, and that can lead to serious complications. You can get hammertoes where your feet can bend because of weakened muscle. Even fungal infections growing under your toe nails can put your feet at risk. Overall, the chances of feet damage from diabetes is pretty high, where most patients have to go for lower leg amputation!

There are definitely some ways in which you can take care of your feet to keep them healthy and unaffected by your diabetic symptoms:

  •  Try to keep your glucose level in blood under control. Proper diet and exercise can do wonders.
  •  Check your feet every day for sores, cuts, blisters, calluses or redness so that you can immediately take care of them.
  •  Wear proper shoes that are not too tight for your feet. Ask a professional at the store to help you out while buying new shoes.
  •  If you smoke, you have to stop that immediately. Smoking can affect blood flow, and this will become a huge problem if you are a diabetic.


There are other useful tips that are mentioned in the program, which gives a detailed step by step guide so as to help you to stay active. This program has proven to be quite effective in helping diabetic patients to take care of themselves and make improvements in their fight against their medical condition. So click the button below and learn how to keep your feet healthy and finally find a relief for peripheral neuropathy & diabetic nerve pain…

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