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Revealed: The 2 Deadliest “Cure Diabetes” Lies

The 2 Deadliest “Cure Diabetes” LiesOur big pharmaceutical companies are running the biggest scam in America today to manipulate and control their 245 billion dollar industry. The only way they can make money off of diabetic patients like you is by lying that their expensive insulin shots and medicines work, while destroying and discrediting the natural therapies and cure which have the true potential to cure diabetes.

Yes, you read it right. You can cure diabetes, unlike what the media and your doctors tell you. The fact of the matter is, you are nothing but a source of about $14,000 on an annual basis to the pharma companies. They do not care about you and they do not want to find a cure and lose you as their patient. Rather, they want to keep you on diabetic life support, where their expensive medicines will allay the effects for a while, but won’t make them go away for good. And they want to keep you in the dark so that they never lose you as their customers.

But you should never give up. Here you will learn the lies that you have been hearing, and the solutions you can trust. You will learn more about a successful program that relies on only natural treatment. Here are the facts revealed: The 2 Deadliest “Cure Diabetes” Lies :

1. There is no cure for Type 2 Diabetes:

One of the reasons why the big pharma companies can sell their expensive medicines is because they make their patients feel depressed by telling them that they have no cure. They state that diabetic patients cannot live a wholesome life, but will die at least 10 years before non-diabetic people. But this is absolutely wrong. You see, people who are suffering from Type 1 diabetes and are too far gone in their illness have no other way out. But if you are a Type 2 diabetic, you have every chance to reclaim your life and start living actively, without feeling ill at all!

A new research based in Newcastle University of England, has devised an organic treatment that has proven to be a success. Almost 33,761 patients have followed this regimen to experience astonishing results! No matter how high their blood sugar level was, they could control it and bring it down to about 100 mg/dl in just two weeks! Patients who were suffering from Peripheral Neuropathy and numbness became healthy again! This treatment focuses on the trick to enable your pancreas to start producing insulin again.The metabolism-boosting Pancrease Jumpstart technique to help regulate your insulin

This process is called “Pancreas Jumpstart”.

Sometimes, a lot of patients have issues with diabetes because their pancreas cannot release insulin into the bloodstream. The reason is genetic of course, which causes a layer of fat to build around pancreas, thereby stopping the insulin from flowing out. This can be easily amended with the help of an all natural diet and rich supply of vitamins and mineral, which will strip away the fat and let the insulin flow. Also, the insulin production in the pancreas would increase, and this would help to remove the excessive glucose build up in the body.

2. The Alkaline Diet works:

The Alkaline Diet dr Young arrestedSome time back, Dr. Young became a controversial figure because he was selling his Alkaline Diet regimen to diabetic patients by promising that this process works perfectly. These patients did not know that Dr. Young was a fraud and was selling them nonsense just to filch their money off of them! A lot of patients became worse, and soon this issue was brought to the media. Research immediately proved that Dr. Young’s alkaline diet had no credit and was dangerous. It made diabetic condition even worse than before. But even though Dr. Young was arrested because of this scam, there are institutions which still make money by selling his non-effective program to diabetic patients who don’t know any better!

The only way you can gain back your life and stay healthy is by using all natural means. Your diet needs to be clean and full of nourishing ingredients. But that is not all! Research has proven that it is not what you eat, also when you eat that determines the rate of success! Your glucose level in body increases as you eat. And your pancreas have the capability of producing insulin to carry this glucose to your cells. So if you time your meals perfectly, your insulin production and level of increase of glucose in blood can be synchronized perfectly! This will make sure that the level of sugar does not increase in your blood at all!

These two lies are very dangerous, and you must not believe them. Try out this brilliant program that does not rely on expensive medicines and insulin shots to keep you alive. Rather, it will focus on a natural treatment to cure your body from diabetic decay and reverse any nerve damages that may have already occurred. So take action today, and reach out to grab your opportunity. Your diabetes will not be the end of you and this program will prove it!

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