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Set Point Theory: Science or Scam?

“Everyone’s body has a set point, so when you go off a weight management plan, your weight goes right back to that number.”  – Nutrition specialist Stephanie Stephens, “Mind your Body” TV ShowStephanie Stephens

“Diets consist of tiny meals, so I feel like I’m starving. Then when I go off the plan, I gain all the weight right back. My body has a set weight that I can’t fight.”scale help


Read on to find out if the SET POINT THEORY means the end of dieting as we know it:

Most of America has been fighting to control weight for years. We lose and gain on a regular basis, always with an eye on being healthier—which for most of us also means thinner. We have terms for it: chronic diet, yo-yo dieting. We own all the latest fad diet books, we go to Weight Watchers, and we watch Dr. Oz in hopes of finding a solution. Some people have whole closets full of “fat clothes” and “skinny clothes”.

Now, to throw fuel on an already smoldering fire, we have the “Set Point Theory.” That’s the theory that says each person’s body has its own preferred weight, determined by genetics, hormones, and other factors. If we try to deviate from that set point, our bodies will fight it, tricking us into returning to “normal” weight. More and more doctors have bought into this

All this nay-saying causes many people to decide never try to control weight. After all, if there’s an internal thermostat controlling weight, and dieting won’t work, why bother?high blood sugar levels

Let’s review the basics. The body’s energy mainly comes from carbohydrates, which are converted into glucose after a meal. Under normal circumstances we eat, then the blood sugar rises, and the insulin works to lower it while it feeds the cells. If insulin isn’t there, or isn’t working properly the glucose stays in the blood–hence “high blood sugar.”


Most diets restrict the caloric intake so much that people get that feeling of starvation. They might even get shaky from hunger. These food plans don’t provide enough fuel to sustain the energy to go about daily life, much less fight off cravings. And they require a ridiculous amount of time and effort to assemble the rigid meal plans. All in all, they are exhausting.

People with diabetes find dieting even more difficult. They may have gone undiagnosed for five years or more, and during that time their blood sugar remained on the high side. A body that’s been used to having high blood sugar and now is regulated might still feel hungry–which makes you tend to eat more. That leads to weight gain of often ten, twenty or even more pounds.


Scientists initially said that “set point” was a carved-in-stone, immutable number. If your parents were thin, then you were; otherwise, forget about it. In fact, we now know that you can reset your metabolism by taking certain healthy steps. So the set point is not so much your weight—it’s about your mindset.


Regardless how many “theories” are developed, the fact remains that a body’s weight is a result of your calories intake and calories burned. That means eating more than you burn up in a day results in a weight gain, and eating less than you need results in a weight loss.

Plus, if there was a true set point, the people who lose massive amounts of weight successfully would gain it all back. Instead, doctors have found that those people keep the weight off and improve their diabetes and metabolic numbers. Body fat settles in a much lower level.


overweight is not the new normal

It is possible to manage weight. There is a program that meets all the requirements of the American Diabetes Association and gives people a chance to reset their metabolism for good. It provides 6 nutritionally sound meals per day, all pre-packaged in appropriate sized portions. Eating this often keeps blood sugar stable even for diabetics – and won’t leave you feeling like gnawing off your left arm.

This unique program is called Nutrisystem D

Nutrisystem D

With Nutrisystem D, you’ve outsourced all the hard parts of weight management. You have meals that are the right portions, completely prepared for you and delivered to your door. They advice you what to eat at what time. A survey of nearly 10,000 people using Nutrisystem found that four out of five felt their hunger was satisfied.

This program is clinically proven which means it has worked for millions of other people. It is completely healthy, backed by hard science and clinically proven to help people with type 2 diabetes lose weight and lower their A1c.

Special Offer

In clinical studies, participants on Nutrisystem D, in combination with counseling sessions:

  • Lost an average of 18 pounds
  • Reduced A1c levels on average by 0.7%
  • Lost inches off their waistline
  • Lowered their total cholesterol

After 40 years of medical documentation and millions of successful customers, you can be 100% sure it will work for you too. The dedicated team of scientists and dietitians have used that expertise to develop a proven program to help people with type 2 diabetes lose weight and manage their diabetes. You can go into this diet with a positive attitude, knowing you have made a powerful change for your best health.

How it works

Nutrisystem D keeps the blood sugar level by offering three optimum food types: Low-glycemic carbohydrates, which prevent spikes in blood glucose levels through slow release; a small amount of fats, which help slow digestion (this also assists in keeping blood sugar levels low); and lean protein, which helps us feel full longer.

Balanced Nutrition


By eating meals of 1200 calories a day (women) or 1500 calories a day (men), this plan gives a feeling of fullness. The blood glucose levels are being controlled and you feel satisfied. You aren’t starving.

Best of all, you do not have to count anything. No calories, no points, and no serving sizes. Everything is pre-packaged laid out in a plan–that includes all your meals and snacks. Questions are answered by professionals—educators, dietitians, and counselors who are available at all times.

Special Offer


When it comes to losing weight and managing your diabetes, sometimes you want no less than the best. And with Nutrisystem D,  you get top choice in what matters most like:

  • Best selection of foods to choose from with over 150 items to make sure you never get bored. And if you’re not quite sure what to try, you can start with the pre-picked Favorites Pack
  • Convenient, ready-to-go foods that are specially sealed and require no refrigeration—similar to foods already in your pantry like chili, soups and pasta bowls. So you can keep them in your purse, bag, desk or car for a smart choice wherever you are!
  • Ultimate flavor with top-rated, fresh-frozen foods—flash frozen at the peak of freshness to lock in the highest-quality flavor. Enjoy our most delicious frozen menu, including ice cream, and still lose weight! With the added variety to your menu and exceptional taste, the frozen selections make dieting delicious.
  • Personal guidance and support from a dedicated team of Certified Diabetes Educators, counselors and dietitians, who are standing by to answer your questions and help you succeed.


The meals from Nutrisystem D consist of breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and even snacks for 28 days. For those with dietary concerns or who don’t like certain foods, Nutrisystem D offers a variety of vegetarian options. Simply choose the Custom Menu option and start picking the foods that fit your lifestyle from our selection.

For specific food allergies, lower sodium needs or other dietary concerns, the Nutrition and Dietary services team is happy to help tailor your menu to meet your needs; just call any time to reach them.

Special Offer


While you’re losing weight with Nutrisystem D, you’ll learn healthy habits like portion control and how to incorporate fresh grocery items. Plus, you’ll enjoy free access to Certified Diabetes Educators, dietitians and counselors, who will help guide you through every step of your journey.

You’ll also have 24/7 access to the online community to connect with tips, advice and recipes from other members just like you whenever you need extra support—even after you’ve hit your goal.

And once you reach your goal, you’ll get a variety of Transition and Maintenance plans that incorporate your own good-for-you meals with a mix of Nutrisystem foods so you can put those healthy principles into practice. When you’re ready, a customer service rep will be happy to guide you through choosing the right plan to help make that next step seamless!

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Ready to reset your metabolism?

Click the Button Below to Get Started Now. Try Nutrisystem D for 28 days and see if it is right for you. We guarantee you it’s going to be the best investment you’ll ever make. It’s 100% RISK FREE — with a full refund of your order money back guarantee.

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