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Three Symptoms Too Dangerous To Ignore

Three Pre-Diabetes Symptoms Too Dangerous To Ignore!One of the reasons why most cases of pre-diabetes lead to Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes is because patients are usually unaware of the actual nature of their diagnosis. The moment they see their report bearing the term ‘pre-diabetes’ they think that this is a minor warning that they do not need to make a big deal of. This is where the problem of medical education lies today. None of our doctors and the big pharma reps go out of their way to inform pre-diabetic patients that their cases are as grievous as any diabetic patient who has gone far along his disease.

You see, pre-diabetes occurs in continuum with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, and each of these terms refer to a certain stage of this medical illness. While patients with a high blood sugar level which is beyond 125 mg/dl are termed as diabetic, people with a blood sugar level between 100-125 mg/dl are called pre-diabetic. But if you think that the low numbers indicate lesser risk, that could be the biggest mistake you could be making in your lifetime.

Pre-diabetes is as dangerous as diabetes in the later stages, and here are 3 dangerous symptoms of this disease listed to prove why:

1. Obesity and Acid reflux problems

A lot of pre-diabetic patients think that getting on the treadmill for a month or two will minimize the risk factor. So they simply go ahead and shed a few kilos and become relaxed thinking that they have missed the bullet. But this is Diabetes Obesity and Acid Reflux Problemsactually dangerous. They stay oblivious to the fact that regular exercise is necessary to keep the fat content in the body low. This method will not only help in reducing risk of diabetes but will also lower the risk of gastroesophageal reflux disease. In this case, the stomach acids and bile flow back into the easophageal tract and may even enter the lungs causing heartburn, wheezing and pain. However recent studies are proving that pre-diabetes and diabetes can cause gastroesophageal reflux disease instead of high amount of fat in the body. The World Journal of Gastroenterology proved that pre-diabetes and diabetes cause nerve damage not only in feet and hands, but also in stomach. This leads to a certain type of neuropathy called Gastroparesis, which reduces efficiency of the stomach to process the food. As a result the food stays in the stomach for a long time, building up the pressure until the acids spill back out of the stomach sac.

2. Diabetic Retinopathy caused by Pre-diabetes
Diabetic Retinopathy caused by Pre-diabetesYou may think that extreme cases of lower leg amputation and loss of vision usually happen in the far end when the diabetic disease has worsened. But you are wrong. The Diabetic Prevention Program conducted a study where it found that 8% of total pre-diabetic patients already suffered from diabetic retinopathy. Within 3 years after the first diagnosis was made, several patients reported that they had problem with their vision. So if you are diagnosed with pre-diabetes today, you have a very good reason to stay cautious and join this program to battle and defeat your pre-diabetes before it damages your body.

3. Chronic Kidney Disorder 
Do you think that kidney disorder usually happens when the body is breaking down under the Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes? Studies have shown that even pre-diabetic patients have a kidney disorder that is at stage 3 or stage 4. There are 5 stages to grade the level of kidney disorder, and at the end the patients require a new kidney via transplant or dialysis. Pre-diabetes might seem too benevolent as a condition, but its effect on the body is immediate and absolutely dangerous.

How can you stop Pre-diabetes from damaging your body?stop Pre-diabetes from damaging your body

Pre-diabetes needs to be listed as a very dangerous disease, and should be treated as such. You should try this program that will help you learn the actual risks and pre-diabetes symptoms that you will not find anywhere else. This program will focus on a natural cure for your pre-diabetic condition, and will not only put a stop to your medical illness, but will also provide extra benefits to re-engineer your body to fight the diabetic decay:

  • The program will offer a list of foods that you should never eat, and also give you an idea regarding the best anti-acid reflux foods that will keep your Gastroparesis at check.
  • It will focus on some regular exercises that you can do with your eyes to allow your visual system to work in order to self-correct. With this exercise, you are guaranteed to get a crystal clear vision back in just three months!
  • Most importantly, it will help you to understand what foods and supplements you should consume to maintain a proper diet and balance it with a proper dietary timing. This will allow your stomach to function at its best. This will regulate your blood sugar level, and will also break down your free fatty acids and wash it out of your system. Your body will become more insulin sensitive and glucose will be transported to the cells again for their nourishment.

This method is extremely effective and it will help you to control your pre-diabetic condition and even reverse its damaging effects in your body. So click the button below and give your body a fighting chance to win against pre-diabetes!

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